Upcoming Kitsap County, WA Classes

Village Green Community Center, 26159 Dulay Rd. NE, Kingston, WA 98346
*Vaccines and Boosters required for on site participation.

Pane Pugliese (Crusty Italian Loaf)

Saturday, January 15, 1-4 p.m.

Pugliese bread is a delicious Italian rustic loaf characterized by large holes in a structured crumb with a well developed, crunchy crust. Starters are required for this class (see Sourdough Starters 101, bring your own, or make arrangements with Isabel if you need one). A short assignment will also be given the day before the class to feed your starter for the class.

Creative Foccaccia

Saturday, January 22, 1-4 pm

Focaccia is a dimpled, flat shaped Italian bread generously flavored with olive oil and found all over Italy. Similar in style and texture to pizza, its exceptionally fluffy interior and a distinctive chew make it great as a side dish or sandwich bread. It is also a great palate for tasty artwork as you will see in this class!

Challah Bread

Saturday, January 29, 1-4 pm

A yeast bread enriched with eggs, challah is similar to brioche (except that it contains oil instead of butter). Challah is often a braided loaf and makes an excellent French toast and bread pudding. In this class you will make a six-braid loaf.


Saturday, February 5, 1-4 pm

In this class you will learn to laminate your own croissant dough, (which will then need to sit overnight in your fridge). The last hour of our class will be a demonstration of what you will do the next day to cut, roll and bake them to perfection.

Chocolate Truffles

Saturday, February 12, 1-4 pm

A glimpse into the world of fine chocolates, including how to temper chocolate. You will bring home a variety of both enrobed and dipped homemade truffles, plus all the recipes.

Tiramisu Macarons

Saturday, February 19, 1-4 pm


In this class, you’ll learn the secrets of making perfect macarons. To amp them up a notch, I’ll show you a filling of kahlua ganache and mascarpone buttercream. Their tiramisu flavors make these a stand-out dessert!

Chocolate Souffles

Saturday, February 26, 1-4 pm

Intense in flavor and delicate in structure, these delicious favorites are easier than you think to make; they require sticking to tried and true techniques. You’ll be making several batches to help you master them at home every time.

New York Style Bagels

Saturday, March 5, 1-4 pm

These good old-fashioned New York bagels are flavorful, modestly sweet, and chewy with soft, shiny crusts. You’ll love the slight tang, their incredible texture and they are very fun to make!

Mini-Cheesecake Desserts

Saturday, March 12, 1-4 pm

In this class you will be creating showstopper mini-cheesecakes utilizing baking techniques designed to ensure they turn out perfectly every time. You will learn to customize the recipes to match your taste and how to add surprising, bold and unexpected flavors and gorgeous decorations. (Photo to come!)