Cast of Characters

ANNA Sinclair (42) has an unusual gift wherein she knows when loss is imminent for people around her. The purpose of her gift is elusive; her few attempts to warn people as a child branded her as a person to fear when her predictions came true. Her mother HELEN insisted she never speak of these things again.

Years later, a prescience about her husband threatens to tear apart Anna’s marriage. Now that it is personal, she is desperate to learn more about her gift.

An old family friend reveals that Anna’s long-dead grandmother MELINA had a similar ability. After Melina had a prescience of her own death, she devoted her short life to finding answers. To learn more, Anna moves back to Port Townsend with her three children, to the town where she would always be feared, perhaps by her mother most of all.

As Anna delves into Melina’s story, a larger story arc is revealed, illuminating five generations of women in the same family, and the creative ingenuity it took to live in a world that didn’t understand them. As new connections open up with their foremothers, Anna and Helen weigh the importance of trusting their own voices and each other.