Bubble Magic!

I went camping this week to Larrabee State Park in Washington state and came across a friendly camper who had a swarm of happy kids around her thanks to her bubble magic! She was kind enough to share the recipe!

Giant Bubbles

  • Servings: Hours of Fun
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1 gallon of water
1 cup blue Dawn
1 T baking powder
1 T guar gum or xanthan gum
2 equal length sticks (12”-18” long)
7-foot length of baking twine
Gallon milk jug (for storage)
Sturdy bucket (2 quarts or so)
Old key or washer (to weight string down)

Give all ingredients a good whisk and then store in a container that has a lid (a gallon milk jug is perfect). That way you can pour just what you need (buckets often get kicked over).

Tie one end of the baking twine to Stick #1. Using same piece of twine, make your second tie two feet along its length on Stick #2.

Add your weight to the string (don’t tie it) and then close the triangle by tying the end of the baking twine to Stick #1 (next to the first tie).

If you hold the sticks up, the string should form a triangle shape with the weight hanging loosely at the bottom.

You’re ready to make enormous bubbles! Lower the string into your bubble bucket, making sure the bubble concentrate covers the string completely. Lift the string up and separate the sticks (making the triangle again). Ideal for days with a light breeze!

Have fun!!

(And thank you, kind stranger!)

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