About Me

I am one of those people whose thoughts go straight to food memories when I think of my childhood. From our family’s Traditional Cake, to mom’s Lebkuchen cookies at Christmas, to the year-long Sunday breakfast competition we had a few years back, great food has always taken me to my happy place.

Not just the eating part of course, although that’s a perfectly wonderful part of the experience!

In recent years, the recipes I’ve tried and loved have been over-the-top fun to make. I have an insatiable curiosity for baking, so last year, I began studying seriously at an accredited online pastry school. The baking world is opening up before my eyes!

I’m more proud than I can say that both my daughters embrace this passion for Fearlessness and Deliciousness in the kitchen. You can see some of Katie’s vegan-inspired cooking on her popular blog. My daughter Jessie lives in Senegal now where their tradition is to eat “around the bowl.” She grows a fabulous vegetable and herb garden and is planning to introduce kombucha to the Senegalese soon.

I hope you enjoy my site!